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This time, we want to inform you about two browser extensions that have been recently deemed as potentially unwanted programs and we suggest that you remove them. These applications are called MyDownloadManager Start and MyDownloadManager Search. Officially, the Start extension is supposed to manage Google Chrome’s downloads, but we have found that it does none of that because its functions are already in Chrome. The Search extension, on the other hand, has a function not present in Chrome, but it is one that you might not appreciate. It is set to hijack your browser's new tab page and search provider. To find out more about these potentially unwanted programs, please continue reading.

We have found that these applications are getting increasingly popular. The Search extension has close to 20, 000 users while the Start extension has half of that. Regardless, their popularity does not mean that they are useful since most casual users do not notice the presence of unreliable software or do not mind having it as long as it does not get in the way. While researching these programs, we discovered that they were made by an unknown company. MyDownloadManager has a dedicated distribution website at http://www.mydownloadmanager.com, but it contains no information about the company other than how to contact them via email downloadmanager169@yahoo.com (not a sign of a legitimate company) and mail at PO Box 105603 #32118. Based on the email box address we have determined that this secretive company is located in Atlanta, Georgia, US. However, this is of little significance, what is important here, however, is that the developers want to stay in the shadows, probably because its products are unreliable.

As mentioned, both MyDownloadManager browser extensions are distributed on their dedicated distribution website, but that is not the only distribution channel used by their developers. We have found that both of them are also featured on the Chrome Web Store. As far as we know, these applications are not bundled with other programs or malicious installers, so the only way you can get in on your computer is by downloading them intentionally. Now that you know some background information about these programs let us jump into its functionality.

We have tested both of these applications, and now we are going to share our search results with you. Let us begin with MyDownloadManager Search. When you install, this extension it will change your browser’s new tab page and search provider without your authorization, and it does not give a prior warning. It will modify the above-mentioned addresses to Apps.searchalgo.com/search, but that is not all because all of your search entries will get redirected to Searchalgo.com which will redirect them to Yahoo.com. So that is quite a trip your search entries will make, but what is the purpose of this? This program’s main goal is to generate advertising revenue by subjecting you to commercial advertisements. We believe that Yahoo.com’s search results may include advertisements injected by this program's developers. Therefore, you should not expect this program to enhance your browsing experience.

Now let us discuss MyDownloadManager Start. It is a disappointing application because it does not improve your browser’s downloading processes by any measure. We have tested it and have come to the conclusion that it is more of skin than a real extension because it features all of the functions that Google Chrome already has. Thus, this program offers no improvements over the original Chrome interface. However, this program does not pose a threat to your computer’s security, but there is no reason to keep it anyway.

We hope that the information we have given you has shed light on these smilingly legitimate applications. The information provided above justifies these programs being classified as potentially unwanted because MyDownloadManager Start does not do anything useful whatsoever while MyDownloadManager Search will hijack your browser’s settings and promote potentially unreliable content in its search results. So if you want to remove these programs, then use the step-by-step guide provided below.

How to remove this PUP from Google Chrome

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Simultaneously press Alt+F.
  3. Click More Tools.
  4. Click Extensions and remove the extension.
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